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    Shipping & Returns

    We hope that the delivery date is based on several factors including the destination address, the shipping options you choose, and how quickly, we can assemble and prepare items for shipment. You can order processing time, and joined estimates based on shipping method you choose when calculating the transit time of delivery.

    For example, if you order, the processing time required 1-3 days, and then time delivery 3-10 days if you choose expedited shipping days.

    Please note:

    Because usually ship orders in a single package, unless otherwise stated, will require that the total length of time for you to receive your order, you should use the higher estimate for items in your order time calculations.

    Return an item In n

    o more than an education project sent! We do our best to make the smooth progress of your shopping trip is possible, including referrals. Thank you for contacting customer service arrangements in return.

    These products are not damaged, but I changed my mind.

    Products can be returned no default date of receipt of the written decision within 30 days. For more information about our return policy, thank you for choosing the region have received your order: the EU or the United States and the world.

    In the case of the fact that the product of measurement: If you receive the product is not for you, but it has been produced to your requirements and measurements, you are entitled to ONE free adjustment.

    Worn or use of any goods can not be returned. The project must be: do not return to its original state, with all labels and packaging in the original packaging.

    Damaged items or defects To receive parcels from us within 10 days to submit an application

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